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Mecha Sonic

2009-11-12 10:31:44 by SuperSonic98

Well since yesterday I received a message from True Bass(don't even know who he is) said that he wanted to do a collab effort with me, so we decided to do a sprite movie together. So see ya soon!

Another match on it's way!

2009-01-11 19:37:47 by SuperSonic98

Yep, that's right I'm making another sprite movie Mecha Sonic vs. a mystery team or person. For all who blamed my other sprite film Goku vs. Mecha Sonic beware! So, I'll leave it to you who the mystery person or team it shall be, so leave comments who Mecha shall vs!

Another match on  it's way!

Where to get SFX?

2009-01-08 10:02:28 by SuperSonic98

Hi, I'm looking for some special effects and sound effects used by Alvin-Earthworm, do you know where to get them?